About Us

The Newnan Junior Service League is an organization of women committed to making Newnan a better community for all that live here.  We have a passion for volunteering that benefits Coweta County.

Please see our community programs and fundraisers, and explore ways in which you can help us support the Coweta County community!

Community outreach programs include: Can-A-Thon, Christmas in Newnan, Scholarship Program and the Grant Program.  Fundraising includes:  Sporting Clay Shoot, Luminaria, ShamRock Run, and Big Event.

In addition, the monies earned from the sale of our three cookbooks go to our scholarship program, which helps young women in Coweta County in their pursuit of a higher education.

Our members volunteer at local organizations such as Bridging the Gap, Feeding Our Friends, The Historical Society, One Roof, Coweta County Public Schools and many more.

If interested in joining, please contact us at njslprovisionals@gmail.com.


General Contact Info:

Mailing Address:

Newnan Junior Service League
P.O. Box 1433
Newnan, GA 30264


Office Manager, Nancy Jo Smith – njslcookbooks@gmail.com

2017-2018 Executive Board

President, Lauren Smith – president.njsl@gmail.com

Vice President, Jill Abraham – njslgrant@gmail.com

Treasurer, Amanda Hand – njsltreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary, Kimberly Pinkerton – njslsecretary@gmail.com

Public Relations Officer, Emily Gates – njslpr@gmail.com

Placement Officer, Katie Millians – njslplacement@gmail.com

Provisional Officer, Ellie Sonnier – njslprovisionals@gmail.com

Social Officer, Kristin Blackburn – njslsocial@gmail.com

Past President, Magen Gamble – njslsustainer@gmail.com

2017-2018 Chair Board

Big Event – Kathryn Rosser & Misty Smith – njslbigevent@gmail.com

Can-A-Thon – Ellie Sonnier & Katee Smith – njslcanathon@gmail.com

Christmas in Newnan – Christy Bass & Kenya Brantley – njslchristmas@gmail.com

Clay Shoot – Emily Gates & Linzi Cochran – njslsportingclays@gmail.com

Luminaria – Mary Caroline Yancey & Millie Smith – njslluminaria@gmail.com

Scholarship – Ashley Teal – njslscholarship@gmail.com

ShamRock Run – Allison Head & Ansley Kersey – njslshamrockrun@gmail.com

Sponsorship – Erin Chustz & Makinley Cook – njslsponsorship@gmail.com

Promotions – Kristy Bass – njslpromotions@gmail.com

If you are interested in sponsoring NJSL for 2017-2018, please contact Erin Chustz & Makinley Cook at njslsponsorship@gmail.com.

Want to Sponsor

We appreciate your support of the Newnan Junior Service League!

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